One Billion Artists. All on a main stage!

Build a giant stage, invite 700 million people to be the audience and…and give every one of them an opportunity to perform!

Next? Some will produce a great show. But quite likely, some will just shamelessly copy the others, some will bring their dogs and hamsters and some won’t get it at all and just do truly weird thing. What a giant circus, what a mess, what a beautiful colourful quirky show!

But then you call the event “To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful” or LinkedIn, for short.

You promise everyone that it’s will be all professional, highly relevant and inspiring. No dancing hamsters! No silly jokes! No extremes!

We want a Serious! Circus

Sure you employ the latest tech to curate, filter and promote the ‘correct’ bits of the show. But no matter what you do, humanity will keep on crawling up on the main stage proudly. Endless crowds of otherwise lovely people, stunned and scared by the sheer size of the audience and mic in their hands:

  • weirdly “humbled and honoured” to have had a 5 minutes speech at their corporation’s annual event
  • Proud beyond imaginable” to have received their driving licence after years of failing, or far less meaningful piece of paper, for that matter.
  • Forever grateful” to have worked somewhere up until their recent burnout (“but they had health Week and Mental Health days”)
  • and now “thrilled” to be writing about the burnout itself (because how can that not be inspiring)

And most of us, who are either contemplating our next such show or recovering from just performing ourselves, will roll our eyes at them. Because we’re smart. And we get it. So we spend time to “politely” remind them their stuff “doesn’t belong here” and engage with those who believe it does. And we’ll share those most ridiculous ones with our smart friends (we only have smart friends)

We’ll manifest our superiority by flagging others as bigots, racists, leftists, rightists, but essentially, we’ll promote ourselves at their cost. Because hey, the stage time needs to be used well.

Seen this one already? We’re so smart, aren’t we!
Seen this one already? We’re so smart, aren’t we!

What if..

What if everything and everyone belongs there?

  • What if there is no Professional and Personal and there is only Human instead?
  • What if Work and Life is just one big Life and, being one, it’s inherently balanced therefore (it can still suck and hurt, though)?
  • What if Time-Off and Time-On is just one Time, short, perishable and precious?
  • What if we’re not the Workforce but just Force?
  • What is Promotion is just a Motion like any other, bringing happiness or not?
  • And what if a new certificate from yet another online college, death of the beloved one and birthday of my hamster are, after all, one and the same manifestation of how quirky, colourful and rich this human powered circus is?

The Suggestion

Let them be. Roll your eyes less, it hurts and makes you look spooky anyway. Yes, I get it, you’re smart and you see all the silly stuff around and you know how to do things better. Good, do them better. And I beg you, stay smart if that’s your thing, but let the others choose otherwise, if it’s theirs. It’s a free stage, a circus, a show. And it always was, so relax.

(Huh, this looks like a post about Diversity and Inclusion, after all. Might catch some likes on Linkedin, hmm…)



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